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Our Story

Dr. Christina Lucas –Vougiouklakis is the founder and
president of Hellenic Healthcare Professionals of Michigan (HHPM).

She is double board certified in Osteopathic Family Medicine
and Lifestyle Medicine. Christina was driven to connect with
other Hellenic healthcare professionals in Southeast Michigan
after she was approached with the idea to develop a Hellenic
Medical Society. She did extensive research but found no such organizations
for physicians or other Hellenic Healthcare professionals.

She decided to work to unite Philhellene healthcare
professionals and develop a network of meaningful
connections and fellowship through various activities and

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Our platforms


Leadership ​






Our Journey

• Company launch March 13, 2020

• Online webinars April, May and June 2020

• Sponsorship and participation in Greektown Parade April 2021 and May 2022

• Launch of our website December 2021

• Launch of Κεφι Hours quarterly March 2021

• Members of the Federation of Hellenic Medical Society of North America

• Non-Profit 501.C3 status granted June 2022

• Wellness webinar Feb 13 2023

• Stroke Symposium May 2023

• Obesity Symposium September 2023

• Members of the American Hellenic Congress November 2023

• >30 Active members since January 2024!

Greek Church

Our Mission

To positively impact the Hellenic community by uniting a network of healthcare professionals who have a common bond through Hellenism – to empower, unite, and serve.

Our Vision

  • Create an inclusive Philhellene network

  • Host educational, social, and philanthropic events

  • Allocate resources towards relevant organizations & charitable causes

  • Provide scholarship opportunities to aspiring healthcare professionals

  • Collaborate with other Hellenic and Academic associations

  • Leave an impactful legacy of our history, heritage, and culture on future generations of Hellenic and Philhellenic healthcare professionals

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